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Jordan Air is a series of confidential work has been done very well, so far we have not seen a specific physical model. But in the release of two color offering information after, this network on suspected the a air jordan XXX propaganda posters, pictures from the release of, before the release of the unfinished sample air jordan XXX is quite similar, and combined with the first color just the picture of white / Black - campus blue, credibility can be described as very high. For more news, please look forward to the official release of January 14th. had not completed the sample map source: SonneahyDesign recently, many brands in the twentieth session of the meeting of wind and clouds China SportShow, from Voight and the "2008 battle" theme to showcase the "ship" theme, has become a major highlight of the scene, attracted many participants Retro jordans for sale of the eye, to visit and negotiate them in a continuous line, forming a beautiful scenery. Voight, chairman Mr. Cai Jinhui said: Voight's unique "ship" theme, not only is the pursuit of a more creative visual effect, mark Voight formally embarked on a "build Chinese basketball journey; carrier" 07/ 08 "movement" facing the opportunities and challenges Voight has many advantages, integration of resources, fully prepared, by virtue of innovation and dedication of Voight, Voight China "basketball achievement carrier" dreams will come true! build shoes in the spirit of shipbuilding; for many years, Voight has always adhered to the "shipbuilding to build the spirit of shoes" quality concept. In their eyes, shipbuilding is a professional engineering, footwear is also a professional engineering, they will each pair of shoe cheap jordans for sale s as a "work" -- each pair of finished shoes, into the rich connotation of "Seiko quality, excellent design, exquisite technology, exquisite workmanship and careful protection. as a company with 15 years of experience in the production of professional sports shoes, sporting goods manufacturers, Voight not only has a world-class shoe-making equipment and technology, behind every pair of shoes, but also the care of Voight and the ultimate consumers of thoughtful nuanced, 6000 professional the workers, 10 owned Italy production line, 200 processes and 300 detection, 3300 turn sole wear-resisting test 60000 times -20 winding test...... It may be hard for consumers to imagine such a mammoth project just to make a pair of good shoes! Voight every year invested for product development and materials innovation, regular training, int Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ernational famous Hungarian top designers, fully computerized products R & D, Voight together to create professional, fashionable product style, the achievements of the Voight research and development of products of high quality and fast speed, with 50% NEW Voight quarterly the progress of development, way ahead in the same industry. at the same time, Voight also with KAPPA, CONVERSE, FILA, POWER, DISNEY and other large international companies to cooperate, in materials, technology and applications has always been in the forefront of the industry. On the one hand, Voight absorbs international sporting goodsArgentina is planning to issue price control mechanisms in leather, footwear and leather products in order to promote consumption and production output in various sectors of the country after the formulation of the Ahora12 programm Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e. the Argentina government is planning to issue price control mechanisms in leather, footwear and leather products in order to promote consumption and production output in various domestic sectors after the formulation of the Ahora12 programme. in early 2014, the government of Argentina on the introduction of the Ahora 12 program, the program is actually one of the measures taken by the government to promote their products to the consumer, so as to promote trade, employment and the development of domestic production. with the implementation of the Ahora 12 program, consumers involved in the purchase of footwear products, leather products, building materials can swipe credit cards and interest free installments of the program store. more than 12, 000 businesses took part in the project; the merchants posted signs in thei cheap jordans online r store windows. The event, which will continue until the end of December, will be carried out by government agencies, private enterprises and credit card companies. : according to information released by the Ministry of industry in Argentina, as of April, the effective data show that since the program was announced, the consumer incentive mechanism brings 8 million 500 thousand of the transaction amount. The main trading products are clothing, footwear and leather goods. Argentina's industry minister Dé Bora Giorgi has so far confirmed that sales of leather and footwear products are second, with monthly revenues of fourth. From the sales point of view, the clothing trade revenue reached 5 billion 719 million pesos, footwear and leather products revenue reached A $17.44 billion. recently, the Minister of industry also cheap jordan shoes for men said the government intends to implement price control mechanisms on leather, footwear and leather products. Part of the government's aim is to control the export of leather, such as leather raw materials, which are sold to other markets rather than to the Argentina domestic market. Argentina footwear industry association official said: "we hope that these measures as soon as possible, while Argentina is one of the main exporter of leather, but the domestic market price of leather are higher than the price of exports." Remarks: 1 Argentina peso =0.69 yuan; 1 yuan =1.44, Argentina Peso (responsible editor: Asian shoes industry) , South America footwear industry is developing rapidly, South American shoe industry labor resources is sufficient, the production cost of medium, abundant land resources, adequate supply of raw ma Retro jordans for sale terials, industrial supporting more perfect, has formed the industrial chain, production and sales of large market, products are mainly mid-range and high gradually. In the last five years the rapid development of the footwear industry in many countries in South America, taking Ecuador as an example, according to the official association of national Ecuador shoes manufacturer " , the country's footwear; global sales since 2009 has maintained an annual growth rate of 100%. Including Columbia, Guatemala, and traditional central and South American countries such as Mexico, Brazil shoe, such as Chile and Argentina, these countries had leather products in the world ranking has always been on the front, along with the regional development, the footwear industry in some countries have embarked on similar to China's coastal areas of Guangdong to grad cheap jordans for sale mens ually develop in the inland areas of the road. the competitive advantage of footwear industry in South America South American countries, the footwear industry showed vitality and contributed to their relatively backward countries in South America, the rapid development of the footwear industry, the reasons for its pursuit of three points: 1. Wage gap the South American tradition has two world-famous footwear manufacturing countries: Mexico and Brazil. The two countries have developed the footwear industry for a century, but due to the wage increase in recent years, rising labor costs, some orders in the South American countries will gradually move out. The country's wage levels are somewhere around $150-250, compared with the current $500-600 labor cost gap in South America, where the country has a cheap foamposites natural wage advantage. ; two; distance gap; to the North American regions such as the United States, Canada's traditional Shoes importer, after the financial turmoil, many footwear traders hope to defuse the risks by reducing inventory, but many orders are put into Asia, by sixty to ninety days and forty or fifty days to transport shipping production to the United States, and landed the smooth commodity sales, there is no intermediate links may change can make nothing of it. This traditional model of long distance production and transportation needs to be forecast for a quarter or even half a year or a year, in the current fast response world of the InternetAdidas NMD R1 Brand bold flamboyant With The Three Stripes is not to make you more flavor? Today we are showing a group shot beauties for everyone, interested friends m Cheap air jordans for sale ay wish to feel something again. This section respectively from the black and white two colors, with The Brand With on the upper the 3 Stripes "decoration, also equipped with signs of Boost corrosion epicenter bottom show. adidas-nmd-brand-with-the-three-stripes-blackout-whiteout-pack.jpg (187.72 KB, download number: 0) download adidas NMD R1 Brand With The Three Stripes figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-5 08:36 upload adidas-nmd-brand-with-the-three-stripes-blackout-whiteout-pack-9.jpg (213.64 KB, download number: 0) download adidas NMD R1 Brand With The Three Stripes figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-5 08:36 upload adidas-nmd-brand-with-the-three-stripes-blackout-whiteout-pack-10.jpg (193.08 KB, download number: 0) download adidas NMD R1 Brand With The Three Stripes figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-5 08:36 upload adidas-nmd-brand-with-the-three-stripes-blackout-whiteout-pack-14.jpg (263.75 KB, download number: 0) download adidas NMD R1 Brand With The Three Stripes figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-5 08:36 upload adid04 month 10 days, once a year the world cup downhill mountain bike race came to an end at Lourdes in france. To switch to the new club for unique YT mounts of Allen & middot; Gwen (Aaron Gwin) there is no suspense, he scored a trophy, 3:09.131 bypassing the second Steve Smith 3:11.602 two seconds, again with the strength to the world a powerful roar, he is the king. Danny Hart (3:11.817) has a difference in third. And much attention has been paid to the world champion Loic & middot; Bruni (Loic Bruni) in the first half of the leading Allen & middot; Gwen two seconds, the champion once and he so close to, but after the fourth time point but misfortune crash, this also let his home league of broken dreams. women's group, the new season and Gwen as transfer large coffee and Rachel & middot; Atherton (Rachel Atherton), and she also did not live up to the expectations of fans and the new owner trek factory team, the resume table numerous first female to 3:50.383 took the women's champion. In addition, this is the first time she in Lourdes won championship finals, for her record table has added a pen. youth group, from Canada's Fenn · Ayers (Finnley Iles) the world cup for the first time the trophy in the bag, it is one of the sigh. But all the success are not is accidental, he born in 1999, 14 years old will in the game temporarily outcrop angle, Crankworx flick of the championship. But in many other international competition experience is already his champion road paved the way. UCI what kind of World Cup downhill mountain track? Please see! 2016 World Cup downhill mountain track s UCI mountain is always the World Cup Carnival a million people, countless eager eyes and exciting cry all this together mountain once a year to make the World Cup fans around the world is crazy for the drivers of the day is a decisive day, and for the fans is a grand festival of for the Allen & middot; Gwen, carrying expectations of fans and a new club, making his first major tournament of extraordinary significance, Allen & middot; Gwen from the alien man once more time with the strength and grace to let a person be sincerely convinced, although not swap chain is not flat, but it is also worth cheering,SMITH Steve to show everyone with his genius, and ultimately behind Alan · Gwen obtained two seconds second 〈〉

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